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Firearm Care

Your Taurus firearm may be cleaned and lubricated under normal conditions with the disassembly steps described in the user manual provided with your firearm.

In order to keep a firearm safe to use, it must be kept clean and covered with a light film of good quality oil to prevent corrosion. The barrel bore should be cleaned and left free of debris.

For normal cleaning, rub the pistol with a lightly oiled cloth. In the same way, proceed with the bore of the barrel. Excess oil should be removed. Dust should be removed from all crevices with a small clean brush.

Please note that a firearm with laser should not be cleaned in a well or supersonic machine that submerges the firearm as this can damage the laser system.


Before cleaning:
  1. point the muzzle in a safe direction
  2. keep your finger off the trigger and on the memory pad
  3. remove the magazine, then
  4. pull back the slide and lock it to the rear,
  5. look and feel the magazine well and chamber to confirm the pistol is empty.


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